Group News

    Tomoaki Okaniwa received the Student Presentation Award in the annual meeting of Biophysical Society Japan 2023.

    Jianshi (Frank) Jin, a former postdoc, became a PI in the Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

    Jianshi (Frank) Jin received RIKEN Ohbu Award (桜舞賞).

    Jianshi (Frank) Jin received Cold Spring Harbor Asia Fellowship Award in Tumor Immunology & Immunotherapy meeting

    Syposium participation     Japanese-American Frontiers of Science Symposium (JAFoS)

Lab members

         Principal Investigator                  Katsuyuki Shiroguchi   (Email)

        Technical Staff                            Kaori Fukuhara

        Technical Staff                            Reiko Yamamoto

        Administrative Assistant              Wakako Oda

        Postdoctral Fellow                      Nozomi Hojo

        Graduate student                       Tomoaki Okaniwa

        Graduate student                       Tobias Frick

        Postdoctral Fellow                      Yungyu Tsai

        Graduate student                       Anna Nakanishi

        Student                                    Lingna Yu

        Student                                    Manami Fujii