Welcome to the Shiroguchi Lab !        - A Quantitative Omics Lab, Single Cell & Single Molecule Level -

        I have been working in the fields of biophysics and genomics, mainly developing techniques to "see" the unknown. I would like to leverage my experience and skills to continue developing new techniques in order to understand biological systems and to contribute to discoveries in medical science and disease research. In particular, I am interested in seeing shifts in distributions, e.g. of cell states, by accurate system-wide measurements with single molecule and/or single cell resolution. This is important since heterogeneity in cell populations may be one of the key features in biological systems. For example, at the beginning of a disease, homeostasis may start to break down at the single cell level. We are working on some projects that go along this direction. We also are interested in the conbination of imaging technique and gene expression analyses.

Latest News

    Postdoc position available    E / J

    A patent issued

    DNA分子バーコード法とその新機能     バイオイノベーションに向けて 〜バイテクノロジーの新技術からの新しい視点〜(シーエムシー出版)

    Paper published

    1細胞、1分子における核酸配列決定・定量技術の現状と展望     臨床免疫・アレルギー科(科学評論社)

    A book published
    Minorities and Small Numbers from Molecules to Organisms in Biology